Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, I became quite upset this morning when I could not find my cereal. It is an "oat flakes with blueberry clusters" cereal. Sounds pretty amazing, right?


So, as I scoured the kitchen, screaming and swearing at my empty house, I realized that, oh, yeah, I have a cabinet just for my cereal. (This whole 'organization' thing is a pretty new concept to me. I'm one of those people who lose things in an empty room only to realize that I've been holding it in my hand the entire time.) I opened this cabinet in glowing slow motion with an angelic chior singing in the background and found my cereal

This allowed me to float over to my chair and pour my cereal with such reverance that one gives a lover. I raised my spoon, hand trembling ever-so-slightly, to my mouth and sampled that first, sure-to-be-glorious bite....

And then I spit it out.

Now, I have nothing against eating healthy. I really try to, I do. The reason it's hard for me to eat healthy is I LIKE FLAVOR. Now, if any of you have ever tried this cereal, you know what I mean. I might as well have shredded the box and poured milk over it for all the more flavor I got.

Cardboard box... in a box.
 So, in my version of a rebellion, I nearly sent myself into a sugar coma.

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